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  1. Pranav

    Thank you very much for sharing these notes. In my opinion though, It will be better if all notes and formulae are shared as a single or a set of 2 directories like ‘notes’ and ‘formulae’ to save time.


    Hey.. Thank you so much for sharing these notes. This is extremely useful especially for someone like me who can’t go to coaching institutes.

  3. .

    Hey…..these pdfs are not running please may you help how to open pdf

    1. dibash

      Don’t worry dear, due to some technical issue, working is going on everything will fine with in 24 hour

  4. Sounak

    Can you please provide the books from samvedna publication ?

  5. .

    please provide csir net fiziks study material..all these materials r of jam….in ur other post of csir net fiziks..links rr not working for past 1 month

  6. Pranav

    While attempting to download the notes, I face following error:

    MEGA failed to load because

    The file “lang/en_73ca3bccdcf2b09e2dd925be50da255f14b16a03912cdab8b18b3f6a1dd8b4f6.json” could not be loaded.

  7. mj is pathetic, plz use google drive

  8. prakash

    Thank you sir ji

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