How to crack CSIR NET PHYSICS in first attempt?, Strategy for cracking CSIR NET/JRF PHYSICSL SCIENCE.

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Okey, so you are preparing for CSIR NET PHYSICAL SCIENCE, Here in this article i am going to discus about the strategy and best way to crack CSIR NET PHYSICS,

Actually there is nothing is impossible, if you are genuine and trying hard then you can definitely clear the exam, you have to think big i mean why you are think about just NET LS or Just NET JRF why not it is for Rank 1, if you think big then you definitely get little less then that, so please think big.

Now came to the topic that is strategy for cracking net , it is also like a dream, here i am going to discus some topics below,

  • Learn how to use mathematical tools to solved physical problem,
  • Reading multiple books,
  • Solving problem from standard books,
  • Solved previous year problem,
  • Revise concept form books,
  • Remember some formula and relation,
  • Self confidence,
  • Never think of the exam during this period,
  • Develop Mathematical techinque,
  • Make your own note,
  • Also make your own formula note


So , here in this website i am also give you the notes, previous year question paper with solutional manual, and many more so please visit


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